Jourdan T. Brooks

Founder, Tomorrow’s Man, Inc.

 As the founder of Tomorrow’s Man, Inc., I believe this organization belongs to the community just as much as it “belongs” to me. TM’s impact is a direct result of the generosity of the community; with that, we are able to send students back to school with the necessary tools.

I created TM because I wanted to do my part in what is right for my community - by letting children know that their education matters, by letting parents know that they are not in this alone, and by letting New Haven know it does breed Black men who grow up and pour positivity back into the community.

My goals for TM are forever growing, At the core, I want TM to be a resource for academic readiness; however, as we evolve, I want to create a larger - more involved - community support base and be a push behind children living their version of excellence.

- Jourdan T. Brooks